Teen Safe Presentations

Teen Safe : Talks for Schools

We passionately believe that "Teen Safe Events" are what internet safety and reputation management presentations should be like. They are EXACTLY the type of internet safety and privacy event that WE would want to go to.


Teen Safe gets results. Staff and students alike make changes to their digital lives on the basis of what they encounter.


Ten years evolving……. we have completely redesigned our material based on feedback from students and staff alike, and from evidence discovered from our online research and monitoring activities.


Teen Safe from Child Watch - A unique digital education for students.


Presentation mood and orientation

The goal with any audience irrespective of age or maturity is to deliver our content so that they understand and appreciate the information offered without feeling that they are being assaulted by it.


That is a skill acquired through almost ten years to practice with students, staff and parents and the making of television documentaries delivered during evening prime time hours. We are extremely careful to correctly appreciate all members of our audience and adjust our delivery accordingly.


Content Note

Following are key elements of our presentation that would be recognisable to people attending with these restrictions: ADVANCED content is for senior secondary students (TY and 5th years) - HIGHLY ADVANCED content is for an all-adult (including 6th years) audience.


Speaker Note

Child Watch speakers are Garda vetted and retain Professional Indemnity Insurance.


Part One: Digital Footprint

> A digital footprint is any data, from whatever source, that relates to an individual or organisation.
> There is no such thing as real privacy online
> The internet is a really bad place to learn from your mistakes
> The journey from younger to older - popularity to privacy
> Personal responsibility - parents cannot fix everything
> Digital devices and app's are addictive since they were designed that way.
> "I Agree" - just what are you agreeing to on signup?
> Physical world security and comfort applied to the virtual world leads to errors of judgement
> Case Study: Data is not important - until it is!
> OSINT - the power of online research
> Sentiment - a social media profiling example
> Privacy examples - the Zuckerberg's
> Case Study: its the stuff you forget about, or don't know about that catches you online!

Part Two: Infrastructure

> Surface web, deep web, clear net, dark net
> Networks and WiFi
> Wifi, SSID's and visibility
> Issues with Free WiFi
> Connecting to rogue networks
> Web sites - structure - visibility - security issues
> Passwords - analysis - hacked accounts - making good passwords - 2 Factor Authentication

Part Three: Images

> Digital images never fade
> Exif Data - what it is - removing before uploading
> Image analysis - expose photoshopping - extracting obscure data
> Purpose of the image and implications for the user if inappropriate
> Sexting - dangers of sexualising oneself - legal issues
> Who is capturing the image - selfies and candids
> Web cam - use with 'anonymous' chat - malware and ....
> Image backups and copies to external storage
> Cameras: lenses, IR, FLIR - use in entertainment venues
> Image uploads - young people sexualising themselves
> Image uploads - social media glamour accounts
> Snapchat and IM image distribution
> ADVANCED: redistribution of personal images
> ADVANCED: risks of online identification
> Reverse image searching through Google
> Case Study: Collateral Damage - image on a beach
> Case Study: Collateral Damage - candid image and identification method

Part Four: Online Harassment

> Key Factors - digital disconnect, the anonymity effect, digital dust
> Key Factors - risks at a glance
> Trolling - deception, disruption, aggression
> Bullying - what it is and actions to take
> CASE STUDY: cyber bullying case work
> Bullying - fear, isolation, loneliness, paranoia
> ADVANCED: Predators and Pseudo profiles - DJPete0606
> ADVANCED: Predators exchanging Snapchat data
> ADVANCED: Predators mingling in glamour accounts
> ADVANCED: Predators in chat with a fictitious young person
> Predatory Fake Profiles - Jimmy
> ADVANCED: Jimmy social media profiles
> Predatory Fake Profiles - Todd
> ADVANCED: Todd social media profiles and links
> Predatory Fake Profiles - John
> ADVANCED: John social media profiles and links
> Grooming - targeting a teenager
> ADVANCED: sextortion case study
> ADVANCED: revenge pornography

Part Five: Shades of Grey

> ADVANCED: the grey areas of pornography
> ADVANCED: Offenders - a synopsis of selected offenders and a paedophile ring example
> HIGHLY ADVANCED: Online crimes against children - synopsis and block pages
> HIGHLY ADVANCED: Trafficking and prostitution of children - synopsis

Part Six: Reputation Engineering

> How do you want to appear online?
> Assess the image you are projecting right now
> How to develop your desired online profile
> Using search engine alerts
> Consistent effort