Internet Resilience Presentations


Internet Resilience - presentations that are twelve years in the making...

What began as Teen Safe in 2008 has now morphed into an internet safety information programme that incorporates instruction to young people in primary and secondary schools; teachers, counsellors and other support staff; people with special needs or interests; and carers and residents at residential care units throughout the country.

Internet Resilience - Primary School Classes 3 & 4 (60 mins duration incl Q&A) and Parents (90 mins duration)

Our presentation to these young students is largely about concepts about digital space and the issues that they will find there. Many students of this age group do not have a smart phone of their own meaning that any attempts to show practical elements (phone screens, browsers, app’s for messaging etc) related to phone use are impractical and only serve to highlight those that do not have these phones, and those that have. This is unhelpful and so we focus upon high level concepts that make sense in everyday life.

Internet Resilience - Primary School Classes 5 & 6 and Parents (70 mins duration incl Q&A) and Parents (90 mins duration)

This presentation incorporates much of the Class 3-4 material but adds to it with the point of view that as an increasing percentage of these students likely do have access to digital devices, and likely own a smartphone, there is a need to more forward with them through adding more detail to their role as digital citizens, looking more closely at the technology that they will use, and having them understand good safety practices.

Internet Resilience - Secondary School 1st Years --- 80 Minutes Duration

This presentation is a hybrid of the Primary Class 5-6 and the Second Level presentation for 2nd and 3rd years. It reflects that these students are just out of primary school and are being exposed to the digital habits and app's being used by the older students. This accelerates their digital knowledge and often leaves them exposed as they try to do too much - walking before they can crawl so to speak. This presentation bridges that divide for them and links the messages that they learned in primary with the information that they now need in secondary.

Internet Resilience - Secondary School 2nd & 3rd Years --- 80 Minutes Duration

This presentation is a mix of screen and live demonstration of online data being exposed through commercially licensed software. This brings a very real feel to the for what is being presented and reinforces the need for those attending to be careful in what they share through text and images, and the exposure that can occur when settings such as geo-location are enabled for certain app's

Internet Resilience - Secondary School 4th & 5th Years --- 80 Minutes Duration

While largely similar in structure to the Junior Cycle presentation, the tone of this presentation is reflective of the older audience. Also, there is an additional section outlining how to create your own future through persistent commentary, postings, tweets and blog posts that articulate one's interests and hobbies. This practice is hugely beneficial when undertaken over the longer term and maintained consistently over time.

Ambivalence - Secondary School 6th Years (80 Minutes Duration - but optimal 120 mins if possible)

Ambivalence is similar in terms of the issues addressed in Internet Resilience. However the approach is designed for senior 6th class students, and is the basis of an advanced presentation given to child protection professionals. There are topics covered in it that are not addressed in our other student presentations because this material is for the most senior students only. It shows information that is designed for adults - the professionals and parents of the future. We do consult with schools staff and a decision is made as to which presentation is most appropriate for their senior group - the Internet Resilience or Ambivalence presentations. We proceed upon their guidance.

Teaching / Support Staff

This includes: 
-- Primary Teachers  
-- Secondary Teachers  
-- School’s Counsellors  
-- Schools Principals and Deputies  
How to book: 
-- Primary and secondary school staff/teachers normally include a one hour presentation as part of a full day visit to a school.

-- Schools counsellors have attended organised events facilitated through Griffith College facilities in Cork and Dublin.

-- We have made presentations to individual NAPD regions and at annual conference on two occasions.

Bespoke Presentations

These are created for:
-- Tusla Residents & Carers
-- Special Needs People & Carers/Parents
-- Special Interest Groups
We make individual arrangements with organisations seeking bespoke presentations. Each of the groups with whom we have worked have very special content in mind depending on those attending and the challenges that they may face.