We dedicate a large portion of our effort to research and our reputation for impartial and independent commentary is respected across Irish media.

We are consistent advocates for necessary changes in the manner that Ireland educates and supports its young people, and protects children that are vulnerable online. Our attitudes are not governed by news articles or opinions. We get out and do our own research, often in areas of eSafety that are not well covered by state and digital industry. Our digital research services are independent and in-depth and we do not shy away from the subjects that are less popular in the public, state and industry view.

We researched the Barnardo's Report entitled "Three Hazards - Child Protection in the Electronic Age" released in 2009. Some of the recommendations of that report were incorporated into law in early 2016. Many others remain untouched.

We researched the upload of Irish young people's images to online porn and image sharing sites from 2011 and our monitoring of trends is continuing.

Our research was a core element to the RTE Investigations Unit documentary "Online and Unprotected". We subsequently released a public version of the research document in April 2015 entitled Digital Fish Report 2015.  At the time of publishing we had identified over 200 of the girls affected. That number now exceeds 320 and represents only a small percentage of the total numbers involved.

Following on from Digital Fish we embarked on a project entitled IRIS that involves active monitoring of persons whose online activities pose a threat to the safety of children. This project remains ongoing.

Our digital research services are independent of State and Digital Industry interests