What we do…

Twelve years evolving

Having spent twelve years interacting with young people/staff/parents in schools, we have a sense of the chasm between their perception of online safety and privacy, and what in fact can occur in digital space. Simply, we learn what is important through interaction with students and staff, safety professionals and our own work, and focussing on this chasm allows us to concentrate on important matters and not use valuable presentation time covering all the usual topics. We average 50 school visits per year addressing some or all students, and in that time have engaged well in excess of 250,000 students.


Teen Safe - schools education program

Teen Safe is an evidence based workshop where people can understand their online visibility; appreciate and address any perceived vulnerability; and learn to build a profile that shows them in a positive light online. We bring Teen Safe to second level schools, Tusla facilities (staff and residents), youth organisations, commercial companies and parent support groups.


Digital Age Child Protection

... Workshops for professionals

We were tasked to provide a day of workshops for the Institute of Guidance Counsellors hosted at Griffith College in both Dublin and Cork. In this very specialised offering we show professionals how images of young people are misused online; young people sexualising themselves online; young people in school uniform being photographed and physically tracked in public transport and other places; imagery traded and commented upon online. We demonstrate that offenders can be found. We show examples of students self-destructing online and consequences in professional life. We include a module on building a profile and preparing for the future.


Incident Investigations

We have carried out investigations for private individuals, schools and businesses when various needs arise involving the internet, private networks and/or digital devices. Incidents include online abuse of students through cyber bullying, grooming and image abuse; harassment of staff through fake accounts, photographing staff without their knowledge and posting the images online; staff using inappropriate web sites or engaging in inappropriate activities online. Where appropriate we make contact with An Garda Siochana and individual web site and social media operators when the incident requires it. We have used our skillset in digital equipment forensics to discover very important and unexpected clues to difficulties suffered by troubled youngsters and have enabled professional interventions that have benefited from the resulting data.



Whether through a formal meeting or a needy phone call from a school, business or individual, we have given instant advice to people in need. We are happy to consult on issues of which we have knowledge, and equally will refer an enquiry to another source if we are unable to assist. Ultimately, issues of child protection are matters for An Garda Siochana and TUSLA. However we do encounter occasions where an issue is initially not well understood, and with some investigation and clarification of what is involved, has been successfully re-presented to the appropriate authority.