Online Child Protection since 2008

A Cyber Safety Centre for Young People in Ireland since 2008

With 11 years of experience in online child protection, we can offer a range of options when issues arise in cyber space:

Educational Talks Series:

We publish our flat rate costs for visits to schools and parents evenings.

'Teen Safe' Internet resilience talks for schools students, staff and parents

‘Digital Age Child Protection’ for professionals


We have carried out digital investigations for schools and other organisations where student safety concerns were an issue.


Barnardos 'Three Hazards' Report - 2008/09

RTE 'Crimes Against Children' Documentary - 2009/10

Digital Fish: Irish Young People in Porn - Report 2012/14

RTE 'Online and Unprotected' Documentary - 2014

IRIS: Realtime Site Monitoring - 2017/18

Ambivalence: IRIS report (in development)