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Internet Resilience Seminar: recognising and mitigating risk when online

Data placed online by any source related to a person or organisation is referred to as their digital footprint. With complex tools being available to conduct online enquiries it has become easier for bonafide researchers and criminals to discover this data and affect the lives of people. Adults and children alike are the targets with young people being especially vulnerable.


This seminar addresses issues that are key to keeping safe and maintaining a successful digital footprint. It brings powerful insight through real case examples and offers advice on being resilient when online. Through our casework and interaction with tens of thousands of students, staff and parents since 2008, we have developed this seminar to a very high degree and are delighted for the opportunity to bring it to the public.


We bring our seminar to people across the country through schools, professional and interest groups, and beginning in 2018 we are teaming up with Spectrum Wellness to bring our material to their corporate clients.  

Talks for Schools

We have been delivering our seminars to students since 2008.  Since then we have addressed close to 100,000 people.  Our material is derived from our casework and research and we also demonstrate commercial software and techniques to retrieve data from the internet.

The seminar makes an impact and gets results. Staff and students alike make changes to their digital lives on the basis of what they encounter. 

Ten years evolving……. we have completely redesigned our material based on feedback from students and staff alike, and from evidence discovered from our online research and monitoring activities.

Our speakers are Garda vetted and retain Professional Indemnity Insurance.

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Professional Services

We have carried out investigations for private individuals, schools and businesses; research for media organisations; social media and personal image monitoring; and digital footprint analysis for private clients.

We regularly contribute to radio and television programmes offering analysis (particularly in the area of personal & social media image misuse and online child abuse material).

We offer generous discounting for existing schools clients seeking our professional services.

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