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Digital Age Child Protection since 2008

About Child Watch

Since completing an in-depth review of digital age child protection issues on behalf of Barnardos (Irl) in 2008, we have conducted intensive research into issues that face young people in digital space. Many of these problems are not visible or obvious to internet users and it requires independent and unbiased probing, discovery and assessment of the potential impact on young people.


We have presented (jointly with INTERPOL) to members/staff of the Oireachtas; devised material for staff and students of Tusla (Clonmel); provided workshops for professional investigators, documentary makers, members of the religious congregations, and NAPD (National Association of Principals and Deputies) delegates in 2011 and 2015; and delivered our Teen Safe presentations and demonstrations series to over 82,000 students, parents and schools staff.


Our evidence has featured directly in RTE Prime Time (2010) and Investigations Unit (2014) documentaries; formed the basis of modules for BBC and Channel 4 researchers investigating online threats to young people; been used by lawyers researching content for civil and criminal cases in the UK and Ireland.

Talks for Schools :   Teen Safe

We passionately believe that "Teen Safe Events" are what internet safety and reputation management presentations should be like. They are EXACTLY the type of internet safety and privacy event that we would want to go to.


Eight years evolving……. we have completely redesigned our material based on feedback from students and staff alike, and from evidence discovered from our online research and monitoring activities. The material is incisive and demonstrations are compelling viewing.


We are also making presentations to primary schools using the same approach, but with age sensitivity a primary consideration.


Talks for Schools :   Learn To Search

Learn To Search shows students how to search for things online.  It is the most powerful internet related presentation offered in secondary schools anywhere today. The presentation material is based on OSINT (open source intelligence) solutions and techniques.


Learning to read is a vital component in any persons progression through life and education. Learning to search for data online is the digital equivalent and opens a door to the power of data research on the internet.


The information and techniques shown in Learn To Search will afford benefits for those needing to research projects now and beyond into third level education.


We ask students some tough questions AND we show why we're asking.

The mix of presentation narrative and re-enforcement through demonstration is very powerful.

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Our Live Demonstrations & Case Studies

These are the real powerhouse behind Teen Safe events that bring tangible reality to the presentation.

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Professional Services

We have carried out investigations for private individuals, schools and businesses; research for media organisations; social media and personal image monitoring; and digital footprint analysis for private clients.
We regularly contribute to radio and television programmes offering analysis (particularly in the area of personal & social media image misuse and online child abuse material).
We offer generous discounting for existing schools clients seeking our professional services.

Schools lT Security

Our roots are in IT security consulting, web applications penetration testing, incident response and database administration.


We offer a range of services to schools that includes data protection consulting, implementing online data security, infrastructure (networks and devices) security auditing, and web site and applications penetration testing.


We combine our talks and services into an unbeatable value for money package for schools.


We offer significant discounts and services combining for schools.

The costs of IT services for schools are significant and often administrators would like to avail of security, research and investigative (etc) services but are restricted by commercial costs. In this we can help. We keep our costs structure for these advanced services in line with our charges for talks and so ensure that a school can afford them when needed.